Saturday, March 22, 2008

He's Got The Whole City In His Hands

If indeed the Mayor does step down as expected, it's going to cause a whole lot of local political dishevel. His decision will alter a whole lot of aspiring politician's immediate future plans. No doubt there will be gnashing of teeth, and bitimg of nails. Some who felt they wouldn't really be contested, all of a sudden might have a fight on their hands. Others who felt they had time to work on getting their agendas in place. Now have to light a fire under their intentions. Based on the politicians ability in the past to bamboozle the voter. That might not be such a bad idea.

I think it's a given that if A.C. Wharton wants it, he's the next city of Memphis Mayor. As for there being some backroom deal. There wasn't a need for one. Why go through the hassle of a tough campaign, that you very well may lose? When you can wait a little while and walk right in with no problem. Lately he has been in full support of all the mayor's proposals. Personally, I have long been skeptical of his approach. At times I think he is a little too diplomatic. Since I usually agree with him. I like Mayor Herenton's style better.

I bet rookie congressman Steve Cohen feels like he was just hit with a blindsided punch. Here he was focusing on Memphis newcomer Nikki Tinker, who I think he can beat with ease. Her strongest tie to the Memphis community, being her association with former congressman Harold Ford Jr.. She was his campaign manager. And out of no where comes an even bigger challenge from someone who could beat him. With all the renaming of buildings and attending funerals he has done in the past year. Steve Cohen thought him being re-elected was a sure thing. I bet he's not so sure about that anymore. He has to keep a black suit out and pressed.

You might wonder where does Kenneth Whalum Jr. fit into all of this. I just wrote an opinion post about him the other day that makes even more sense now. I think Kenneth Whalum Jr. has political aspirations that go beyond the school board. I see a local Floyd Flake in the making. I'm not particularly in agreement with all of Whalum's positions, but he's not a liberal's liberal like Steve Cohen. I don't think Nikki Tinker is any better than Cohen. She might even be worse. I don't feel race is a factor in the search for a school superintendent, but it is in the 9th congressional district. Some people feel this job can only be done by another black. With a ratio of 7 to 3 in favor of blacks. I think he should exploit this widespread mode of thinking misguided or not. Especially, in a district where he is well liked.

This all depends on whether or not Mayor Herenton steps down or not. None of this matters if this doesn't happen. The idea of him taking over the reigns at MCS, seems to be gaining the most attention. If the school board wants to give him the superintendents job. Why wouldn't he accept? He would instantly get a $100,000 raise in salary. The idea of him running for congress hasn't taken off. This would create a dilemma for some people. He may have just said that about the run for congress, to shake up the Ford camp. Since Nikki Tinker is their entry. Until July 31st of 2008. He's got the whole city in his hands.


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