Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It Never Went Away

It's ironic that this old tired subject would be coming to the forefront among blacks at this time. No matter how they try to disguise the discussion, it's partly fueled by envy and jealousy. They try to give another reason, but it eventually reaches the same resting place. Is this person's sucess based on them being qualified or them having a light complexion? Probably some dark skinned individual somewhere , is trying to appear not to be a hater. Yet they stoke the flames by not letting the topic die. They talked about it all day yesterday on the radio , and brought it back up today. This has always been an issue among some blacks, that has never really improved. Just in recent years the focus has shifted. To get a better idea of the people in question here. Anybody who buys into that "Willie Lynch" theory, generally harbors these type feelings. Some dark skinned blacks were always jealous of lighter skinned blacks. They think they were somehow treated better as slaves. Whoop-DE-Doo The fact that this is coming up now only reinforces the fact that some powerful people still have a hangup in this area. They're just ashamed or afraid to let their true feelings be known. As well they should. All blacks who have ever dealt with other blacks. Have made a decision about this one way or another. Here we are in 2008 after hundreds of years, and it never went away.


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