Thursday, March 20, 2008

He Can See More Than You Think

I was planning to post this story concerning the historical event, of David Paterson being named the governor of the state of New York. I had to wait though, because the story continues to unfold. There were certain things we knew his appointment would mean up front. He has the distinction of being the first legally blind governor ever. He is also one of four African Americans to hold the office in any state since reconstruction. And the first one ever in the state of New York. Additionally he is the first Governor ever to start his term off with a self induced scandal. Not only did he reveal vague information about his own extramarital affairs, but those of his wife as well. Unfortunately I think that also qualifies as a first.

I had a bad feeling about her the first time I saw them on camera. I could be wrong about this assumption since it's strictly my opinion. But I think this confession was more about her indiscretions than it was his. It reminds me of a story in the bible about Hosea the prophet and his wife Gomer. This is an unusual situation to say the least. Usually the woman is standing by her man, instead of the other way around. This man did what he did because of what she did first. He said he did it to curtail any future blackmails or extortion. Since he is so sure he didn't break any laws. What was he so worried about? His wife is the only person he has to worry about. According to both of them she already knew. He can see more than you think.


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Now he has admitted drug use.

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