Saturday, March 29, 2008

You Know How We Do

John Ford has to report to jail to start doing his 5 1/2 year prison stint next month. Even though the Ford family no longer has the political power they once had. They still have some clout and influence. If nothing else they know what can be done by those officials still in office. Which is a prime example of what has happened here. Generally they try to place inmates within 500 miles of their home. His lawyers were so busy delaying his report date. They forgot to work on getting him close to his children. So he didn't get any special favors as far as that goes. Moreso than preferential treatment. It was just an oversight by his attorneys. But thanks to his Congressman Steve Cohen, he'll be doing it a whole lot closer to Memphis. Instead of being 1440 miles away in Texas. He'll be in Louisiana, about 480 miles away. You best believe if the shoe was on the other foot. John Ford would do the same thing for Steve Cohen. They have history.

I know most people have forgotten what these two politicians have in common. They were two of only three legislators in the state of Tennessee, who voted to change the laws regarding marriage. They both spent twenty years in the Tennessee legislature. Who knows what else they collaborated on in all that time. With John Ford having the reputation of being the go-to man in the state senate. And Steve Cohen being the most liberal senator on the hill. You can bet the intermingling of these two go back many years. If I could hear the conversation between the two. I can just imagine what John Ford would say. "C'mon Steve help me out, you know how we do."


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