Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Almost Neutral

As far as I'm concerned, just leave these two alone and let them tear each other apart. I'm not overly impressed with either of them myself. But I don't begrudge a man his hustle. As long as it isn't hurting anyone else, especially me or mine. The thing is "misinformation" is dangerous. Both of them are egotistic know-it-all, who just happen to have access to the mic. I have had my disagreements with both of them, with the results being the same from both. Rather than admit they're wrong about something. They'll just try to talk about something else. I think I heard Thaddeus say this once before. "Never let the caller have the last word." He hasn't learned to do that smoothly or thinks his way is better. Cursing out the caller and hanging up the phone isn't acceptable beyond a small time station with a limited listener ship . You can leave a goat in a stall all day long, that doesn't make him a horse. Just because you talk all the time doesn't make you informative. Both of them are their own biggest fans. Considering their jobs are fan based. They both could learn and use a lesson in humility.

Remember I said almost neutral. According to what I heard about an encounter between the two of them at a bar. In this case Jeff Lee actually scored some points with me. I didn't think Jeff Lee had it in him. Thaddeus finally ran into somebody that stooped as low as him. He responded just like I thought he would. He's always talking smack after the fact. He wants to fight his battles on the radio and his blog. He is used to being the only one to cross the line in these situations. Considering the way the whole thing turned out. I'm not so sure Jeff could have handled it any differently. Thaddeus approached him first. He says he just went up and spoke, but do we know that to be true? This could have been an intimidation move. "I've been talking about you like a dog, so what?" Knowing Thaddeus it probably was. I think Jeff Lee seized an opportunity. He did what a lot of others were afraid or just not in position to do. I can tell you this won't hurt Jeff Lee. If anything it will help him in the eyes of those like myself who are almost neutral.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thaddeus has been outdone. He is going to try a file a million dollar against Jeff Lee and Clearchannel for defamation of character.

10:05 PM  

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