Saturday, March 29, 2008

Take It Easy Chikezie

I hadn't been religiously watching American Idol like I have in the past. I was keeping an eye on this fellow Chikezie. Mainly because there were times I wanted to shake this guy and tell him to be quiet. I thought his last performance was pretty good. But I'm just one person. And part of even a bigger number who don't call in and vote. Randy didn't like it much, and Simon called it Cheesy. Paula thought it was pretty good, but she likes everybody. What all of these contestants better learn to do is listen to what Simon says. Many of them have the wrong impression about the benefits of challenging Simon. They think it helps their case. It might get a laugh, and Ryan might send you out. When the whole thing is said and done. Simon Cowell is usually right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor song choice -- it's hard to re-interpret a song Luther remade so well. I'm surprised so few people remember the original version with Brenda Russell. Still, I would have voted for Chikeze before Syesha.

Also, regardless of what the Ryan and the judges are saying, this is the worst season ever. It's almost a chore to watch them. The performances have been "blah" at best.

I wouldn't be surprised if David Archuleta won because of his "cute" factor.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Common said...

I liked the song myself. I agree it's hard to come behind Luther Vandross. I was surprised to know Brenda Russell was the original artist.

I agree with everything you said except your last statement. I think David Cook is going to win.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like David Cook, too -- but American Idol is a popularity contest!

As for tonight, I knew Syesha was going to sing "I Will Always Love You." I just knew it. I think she did a good job, but the song was WAYYY bigger than her. According to, she is predicted to be safe, though; Kristy Lee Cook, Jason Castro, and Ramiele are the projected bottom three.

We shall see...

12:49 AM  

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