Friday, April 04, 2008

Shelby County 2008 Ballot


These candidates filed to run in the Aug. 7 primary elections or Nov. 4 general election. Candidates involved in partisan races who don't have primary opposition will automatically advance to the Nov. 4 ballot.

Division 6 Criminal Court

Latonya Burrow

Claiborne Ferguson

Michael Floyd

*John Fowlkes Jr.


*Paul Mattila, D

Ray Butler, R

Roderic Ford, I

M. Latroy Williams, I

David Vinciarelli, I

Tammy Warren, I

9th Congressional District

*Steve Cohen, D

Nikki Tinker, D

James Gregory, D

Isaac Richmond, D

Joe Towns, Jr., D

M. Latroy Williams, D

Jake Ford, I

Mary "Taylor Shelby" Wright, I

Dewey Clark, I

8th Congressional District

*John Tanner, D

James L. Hart, R

7th Congressional District

*Marsha Blackburn, R

Tom Leatherwood, R

Jay Sparks, D

James Tomasik, D

Randy G. Morris, D

State Senate Dist. 28

*Jim Kyle, D

Senate Dist. 30

*Beverly Marrero, D

Senate Dist. 32

*Mark Norris, R

House Dist. 83

*Brian Kelsey, R

House Dist. 84

Roderic Ford, D

*Joe Towns, Jr., D

House Dist. 85

Eddie Jones, D

Paul Lewis, D

*Larry Turner, D

House Dist. 86

*Barbara Cooper, D

George Edwards III, R

House Dist. 87

*Karen Camper, D

Jennings Bernard, D

House Dist. 88

*Larry Miller, D

David Vinciarelli, I

House Dist. 89

*Jeanne Richardson, D

House Dist. 90

*John DeBerry, D

House Dist. 91

Timothy Cook Jr., R

*Lois DeBerry, D

State Rep. 92

*G.A. Hardaway, D

Eddie Neal, D

House Dist. 93

Tim Cook, R

*Mike Kernell, D

House Dist. 95

Christopher Taylor, D

*Curry Todd, R

Mick Wright, R

House Dist. 96

*Steve McManus, R

House Dist. 97

*Jim Coley, R

House Dist. 98

Boris Combest, D

*Ulysses Jones, D

House Dist. 99

*Ron Lollar, R



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