Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Didn't Know

Now this book should be a million seller. I wonder will Oprah Winfrey recommend this one to her book club. Now, instead of speculating about what went down with Bobby and Whitney. We can get it straight from the horse's mouth. Sounds like this book will be full of surprises.

I didn't know Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson were ever an item. This was the first I ever heard that before. If he says they were, then I believe him. He has no reason to tell a bold faced lie. It would only further damage his credibility. Which is already not to good to begin with. Then he goes on to talk about his fourteen year marriage to famed songstress Whitney Houston. He implied that whole thing may have just been a cover up. Again, I think he might be telling the truth. After all they've been through together. I don't think he would make that up. He didn't state anything as a matter of fact, but he made a lot of insinuations.

He even mentioned his escapades with Karrine Steffans. In her book she tried to portray him as a close personal friend. I guess she tried to say something good about him before he talked about her. You have to be pretty low, when Bobby Brown puts you down. This book will tell me a lot of things I didn't know.


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