Thursday, May 01, 2008

Could This Be A Coup d'état

Individually these four characters may be considered a joke. But if you put these people together, they make a whole comedy show. One that might not be so funny. If it ever takes the stage. Like it or not, they hold some responsible positions among them. If Hubert Bass is elected sheriff. The judicial system in Crittenden County could become like the movie Bucktown. The wheels of justice will take a frightening turn.

Javier Bailey might be on the verge of being disbarred in Tennessee, but he seems to have a clientele waiting on his services over in Arkansas. This man has a license to practice law, obviously in at least two states. He isn't your average everyday run of the mill racist. He has the ability and authority to take his foolishness to court. I also noticed he announced that he had been called to the Ministry. I guess he'll now be known as Rev. Javier Bailey, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Until this man is no longer allowed to practice law. You can't take him for granted.

Victor Hill is a sitting judge as we speak. He has the power to make judgements and give out sentences. He revealed his true colors in the Deaunta Farrow case. His bias and racial prejudice puts all his decisions in question. He even tried to convene a special grand jury to overturn another judges ruling. Him and his supporters took it all the way to the Arkansas supreme court. In the right situation. With just half a chance. He could be dangerous.

The latest member of the posse is Hubert Bass. He isn't a newcomer to West Memphis politics though. Since he has already been a city councilman before. He presently serves as Asst. county coroner. Not to shabby of a job in itself. A position not without inside knowledge on all the latest controversial cases. Like all politicians before him. Promising to make changes. In spite of the heat, he is now running for sheriff of Crittenden county. Looking at the coucilmembers now. It was probably something to his credit that got him defeated last time. Now he appears to have joined forces with the wrong people in hopes of winning. I think he figures he has this whole thing in control. He'll be able to cut this off when it gets out of hand. It 's already to late in the eyes of some people. He suffers from guilt by association. Birds of a feather flock together.

Let's not forget the hand that rocks the cradle. The one thing all three of these men have in common is Thaddeus Matthews. The local Michael Moorer of conspiracy theories. That's not necessarily a positive thing. Depending on who youb ask. It could be the kiss of death. Two to three hours a day, five days a week. He tries to keep these dead end causes alive after the mainstream media life has left them. He doesn't even live in West Memphis Arkansas. If by chance this thing should work out. I'm sure he would move over there with the quickness.

If there are 100 good people in West Memphis, the city won't be destroyed. That's exactly what this would amount to if it happened. I would submit that the majority of the voters haven't looked that far ahead. They're just caught up in the moment. I think there is a large enough number of politically uneducated voters. That could elect the first black sheriff just because he is black. Could this be a Coup d'état?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All four are complete idiots spouting vitrol.

Matthews days are numbered, I'm sure.

As are the Rev. Baileys.

8:31 AM  
Blogger Common said...

You won't get an argument from me.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They already have their own local version of the NAN.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hubert Bass is a fair and balanced guy, he wants human & civil rights gaurantees for all that's what he fought for rigorously. I don't know how people tagged him a racist by advocating what the U.S. Constitution promises: freedom, justice & equality. What racist you know that fought FOR Human & Civil Rights as promised by the constitution

12:53 AM  

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