Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is God Going To Pay-Off The Loan

Edmund Ford Sr. thanked all the right people after he received his surprising verdict. I know they're going to claim they knew it all the time, but don't believe them. They were just as shocked as we were when he was acquitted. The only way they would have expected this verdict, is if the jury was fixed. He thanked God, who gets all the glory anyway. Whether we agree or not. Whatever takes place is allowed by him. Not to be confused with being ordained and covered by his blood. If he had been convicted. He still would have been calling on the Lord. Lest we not forget the Devil is busy also. His minions win temporarily as well. That may be the case here, since he's going back on trial in August. Let's see will God be the same saviour of the darkside then?

Next he thanked his earthly angel "Attorney Michael Scholl." This guy should get an award for his jury selection in the case. He managed to find the only twelve people in Memphis. He could collectively convince Edmund Ford wasn't guilty. I haven't seen two people in one place except the courthouse or his victory rally that thought he was innocent. But that wasn't Michael Sholl's assignment. He just had to make them wonder if it was a loan. Create a reasonable doubt. He gets plenty of practice doing that with the Ford family, he was John's lawyer too. With the FBI trying all these cases in Memphis. Only selecting jurors from a Memphis jury pool. Sooner or later they were bound to lose one. The numbers play it out. Michael Scholl was in the right place at the right time. The odds were on his side.

Then he thanked his friends and family who stood by his side. They showed up religiously even though he was guilty. They didn't look as happy as I thought they would after it was over. Probably because they know this isn't the end of his troubles. I know he was acquitted of all charges. I say he was guilty because he took the money. The informant just didn't ask the right questions. And say all the right things. So Ford got off on a technicality. The witness wasn't on trial. Since Mr. Ford claims it was a loan. Who does he pay the money back to, and what are the terms? Why would someone loan him $8900 with his financial track record?

He didn't thank Joe Cooper but he probably should have. If it wasn't for him he would have been found guilty and went to jail. I gue ss he wouldn't have been there in the first place if Joe Cooper hadn't set him up. I'm sure after all this, Ford won't be paying his money back. When and if he does. He needs to tape that also. Unless of course, God is going to pay-off the loan.


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