Thursday, May 15, 2008

Will He Be Back

I myself have problems with coach Tim Thompson's overall public demeanor. He has that get it quick mentality. That has obviously come up again. I might be a stuffed shirt, but that's just how I feel. I just think a high school coach should act a certain way. If him and a group of dope boys were standing together talking. If he wasn't wearing a shirt with big letters saying "COACH." You couldn't tell them apart. Well maybe now you could, he looks older these days. But he still acts like the Don Juan of high school football. For those that don't know him, he is a preacher/pimp. Like Don Juan hypes the crowd and adds color. Coach Thompson does the same thing. He promotes a rap concert like atmosphere at the football games.

This thought just crossed my mind as I wrote this blog. I haven't ever heard about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if I did. He strikes me as the kind of coach who would mess with the teenage girls. Not taking anything away from him as a football coach. He has enjoyed a level of success. But at what cost? Surely he isn't working so hard just to mess up again. He has to know he'll be under the microscope. I hope I'm wrong and he gets another chance. We just have to wait and see if he will be back.


Blogger Common said...

From a credible source I heard how this whole thing unfolded. Timm Thompson has a good line, but a rusty hook. He is trying to introduce the area to something the coaches in the east and west have been doing all the time. He is simply marketing his players. The only thing is, to take money is against the rules.

He has obviously built a relationship with some powerful coaches. Both in college and the pros. It appears he has conveyed this to some of the player's parents as well. They follow him everywhere he goes. Therein lies the problem.

Someone wasn't prepared to win at any cost. I don't know if it was a player or parent who filed the complaint. But they didn't appreciate Thompson's traveling line-up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ridgeway won't hire Thompson as coach after spring practice issues
By Jason Smith
Originally published 02:50 p.m., May 21, 2008
Updated 02:50 p.m., May 21, 2008

Ridgeway principal Jim Long said this afternoon that Tim Thompson is out as Ridgeway's next head football coach.

In a move stemming from a school investigation last week that revealed Thompson had allowed several student-athletes from other schools to participate with Ridgeway in spring practice, Long said he plans to hire White Station Middle School football coach Rod Brown rather than Thompson as the Roadrunners' new head coach.

Thompson, former Melrose and current Fayette-Ware head football coach, had been serving as Ridgeway's interim coach on a volunteer basis, but was officially set to rejoin Memphis City Schools as the Roadrunners' head coach in August.

That plan, however, was junked following Long's discovery last week that Thompson had allowed players enrolled at other schools, including Fayette-Ware, to illegally practice with the Roadrunners.

Thompson, who in 2001 at Melrose received a three-year suspension from MCS for accepting money from a Kentucky assistant coach, was OK'd in January to return to MCS by Interim Supt. Dan Ward.

Thompson also had the support of MCS athletic director Wayne Weedon and student support chief James Bacchus.

Long said he originally interviewed Brown in January, when he was searching for a replacement for former Roadrunner head coach Joe Lee Dunn, but elected instead to go with the more well-known Thompson.

"He was one of the original candidates and I'm really excited about Rod Brown," Long said. "He's going to get the job done here."

Long said Brown will meet with Ridgeway's players on Thursday.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thompson to discuss football future in press conference today at 6 p.m.
By Jason Smith (Contact)
Friday, May 23, 2008

Former volunteer Ridgeway football coach Tim Thompson said Thursday he will hold a press conference at 6 p.m. today at a North Memphis church in which he will address his future as well as the violations that occurred last week at the school.

The press conference will be at the Cathedral of God Holy Word Temple, 1110 Faxon.

Thompson, who had been Ridgeway's interim head coach this spring, was informed earlier this week by principal Jim Long that he was no longer Long's choice as the Roadrunners' next coach.

That decision came after a school investigation revealed Thompson had allowed several players from other schools to participate in Ridgeway's spring practice, including one enrolled at Fayette-Ware, where Thompson coached the past three years.

"The people want to hear from me. They want to hear what I've got to say," Thompson said.

"A lot of people have questions, and they want to know what my future is, including the alumni of the places I've coached at. ... They want to know what really occurred from my standpoint. 'Did you deliberately do these things?'

"Long has said his piece. (Memphis City Schools athletic director) Wayne Weedon has said his piece. (TSSAA executive director) Ronnie Carter has probably said his piece. But Tim Thompson hasn't said his piece."

Thompson, who won two state titles while at Melrose, received a three-year suspension from MCS in 2001 for accepting money from a Kentucky assistant coach. His potential return to MCS was approved in January by Interim Supt. Dan Ward.

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Blogger Common said...

I was hanging this guy out to dry like a lot of other people are doing. Then I read the comments in the daily newspaper. It made me start to look at it from the perspective of people who think like Thompson. If that's possible?

I'm not condoning Tim Thompson's actions by any means, but he isn't by himself. We as a community have selective morals at best. The entitlement mentality is across the board. The perpetuators just don't see the implications of their actions.The latest high profile jury acquittal is proof of that.

I bet the majority of the people so adamantly against Tim Thompson are devout John Calipari fans. This guy parlayed his backdoor dealing into a multi-million dollar deal.What's the difference in what they're doing? One get's the second biggest caoching contract in the country. The other gets fired from a job before he's hired. Except one has financial backing and the other one doesn't. Tim Thompson has to finagle and cheat to get what John Calipari gets from the University and it's boosters.

Go to the link below to see the comments:

10:42 PM  
Blogger Common said...

Thompson's time at Fayette-Ware High under investigation
By David Healy (Contact)
Friday, May 23, 2008
Thompson to discuss football future in press conference today at 6 p.m. The tactics of embattled prep football coach Tim Thompson are again under scrutiny, this time with a state investigation regarding his tenure at Fayette-Ware High School in Somerville.

District Atty. Gen. Mike Dunavant confirmed today that he forwarded a complaint against Thompson to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation — and the TBI confirmed it is investigating.

“This involves his capacity in his position at the school and not as a private citizen,” Dunavant said. “... It came as a result of an investigative report by the state comptroller’s office.”

Thompson said this evening that he was unaware of any accusations out of Fayette County. “I have no knowledge of that,” he said.

The former coach said no authorities had contacted him about any questions regarding finances during his tenure at Fayette-Ware or any other problems. He added that he resigned in February but the resignation had nothing to do with any accusations of problems.

Details were sketchy because most connected with the case either referred questions to other officials or cited the ongoing investigation as a reason not to discuss the case.

Dunavant said the comptroller’s audit is not public yet because of the investigation.

Also today, Fayette County Schools Supt. Myles Wilson confirmed a parent during last football season complained to him that Thompson charged players for athletic bags. Wilson did not confirm that this allegation was related to the current investigation.

Wilson referred all other questions regarding Thompson’s situation to the TBI.

Kristin Helm, TBI spokeswoman, acknowledged “a request from General Dunavant to open an investigation on Mr. Thompson. ... We are investigating, and when it is complete, we will turn the information back over to General Dunavant for review.”

Fayette-Ware principal Sonny Hicks said he was not at liberty to discuss the situation. He said Thompson’s position is no longer open. After the coach’s resignation, the district hired Anthony Hall, an assistant on Thompson’s staff, to replace him.

Ridgeway High officials decided this week they would not hire the former Melrose coach for this fall’s season. Thompson coached Fayette-Ware the last three years, but resigned the position to take over at Ridgeway.

Ridgeway’s decision was made after Thompson, serving as interim coach, used non-Ridgeway students in a spring football scrimmage before he had even signed a contract with the Memphis city school. One of the players was from Fayette-Ware where Thompson coached the last three seasons.

Ridgeway principal Jim Long informed the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association of the decision on Wednesday.

Fayette-Ware was Thompson’s first job after a three-year suspension from the Memphis city Schools in 2001 after accepting money from a University of Kentucky assistant coach. Interim schools Supt. Dan Ward approved Thompson’s reinstatement in January.

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