Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Public Outcry

For the time being the taping of the "The First 48"episodes in Memphis have stopped. I'm glad the public outcry about this issue is properly placed. And they are articulately making their opinions known. The show has nothing to do with the rise in Memphis crime. Highlighting the the hard work that the detectives and investigators do on a daily basis, if anything sends a positive image. It proves that not many murders in Memphis go unsolved. The MPD basically do a fine job.

I read the comments in the morning newspaper and no one has really mentioned what's at the base of this parting of ways. Since the people just know something is wrong and they're trying to get to the bottom of this. I won't interrupt the flow of discussion since it's going the same way anyway. I'll just mention it here.

I think Chief Godwin is politicking instead of policing. He needs to take a page out of West Memphis Chief Paudert's book. Enough of this foolishness already. This is more about a personal vendetta of his, than what people in other places are saying about Memphis. The perpetuator of this farce is already bragging about his deeds. Godwin is more concerned with keeping folks like Thaddeus Matthews quiet about him, than he is informing the people of the unit's success. Wanda Halbert has a hidden agenda. She is carrying the banner hoping no one will uncover her taking bribe money while on the school board. Bruce Thompson gave her a reprieve when he plea bargained the case away. But because of that she has been rendered ineffectual on the city council. I would bet a 100 dollar bill to a donut, Thaddeus planted the seed in her head. The television show can't do her any damage, but Thaddeus can.

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