Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's Not That Hard

I don't get paid for defending Mayor Herenton, but I probably should though. I do just as good a job or better than those who are getting a salary. Really his public relations people have a fairly easy job. Mayor Herenton usually clears a path for those that follow him. If they just tout the job he's done so far. They have more than enough ammunition for his detractors. It gives me plenty come backs to work with.

I read the same news stories everybody else did. I didn't see him say anywhere that he was applying for the job of school superintendent. Just like now, some people think he would the best person for the job. Those people that didn't want him to win for a fifth consecutive term. Will take anything they can get. That's why they're trying to hold the mayor responsible for something he didn't say. It gave them the chance to say he is toying with the citizens. Instead of focusing on the issues at hand. He is engaging in sparring matches. He needs to act like a champion. Don't sign up for bouts where you have nothing to gain. Keep your head and stay where you're at, it's not that hard.


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