Friday, May 02, 2008

Operation Help Who

I'm not one to criticize someone just because they're not polished or as prepared as I think they should be. But please give me a break here. A hate crime at a single wide trailer on a lot. The other at the candidate for sheriffs house right next to a campaign sign, The group of citizens over in West Memphis Ark. calling themselves "Operation Help", are merely a group of opportunist. Capitalizing on the often self inflicted hardships of those who don't give the law it's proper respect. They are predicting a lot of media exposure based on their modus operandi. Rather than try and teach their fellow citizens the acceptable standard of conduct when approached by the police. They plan to challenge every police action they don't like, on the basis of brutality.

I'm all for getting the behind the scenes story. I don't particularly like the way they are able to manipulate the news though. Ironically the president and the vice president of "Operation Help" had crosses planted in their yards. Neither of them placed formal complaints with the West Memphis police. Claiming strained relations as a reason for not filing one. Considering those involved and what they plan on doing. Makes me ask the question. Operation help who?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theb guy didn't even own the trailer. His landlord has told him to move.

10:31 PM  

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