Tuesday, May 06, 2008

People Play Fair

One of the first things I was taught about good sportsmanship is, "you can't quit when things don't go your way." If Barack Obama doesn't get the Democratic nomination. Some blacks have pledged not to vote in this election at all. That doesn't show much conviction. Six months ago no one was even taking Obama serious. To that I say this. "Don't bite your nose off to spite your face." Blacks only make up 12.5% of the entire population. Which might not give them as much leverage as some people might think. Obviously some people believe that crap about blacks being the base of the Democratic party.I never heard that before a few weeks ago. I simply don't believe that.

What blacks have to be careful of, is walking away with nothing. They have distanced themselves from the Republicans for the last forty years. So they don't owe us anything. Blacks can't afford distention between them and the Democrats too. The game doesn't come to and end, just because you aren't playing. The coach just goes to the bench. Blacks are behaving like spoiled players. Trying to hold the Party hostage, if they don't meet their demands. People play fair.


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