Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Self Inflicted Wounds

The latest revelations by Barbara Walters, was more information than I needed to hear. In the past I always looked at Ms. Walters with a heir of diplomacy. Whatever she talked about in the past. I always took the topic somewhat serious. Now thanks to Ms. Walters herself. That's no longer the case. I tend to agree with her former co-host "Starr Jones" on this one. Who by the way, is the only one in the interview she gave a negative report. I now see her as a old, busybody, adulterer with nothing better to do than write a tell all book. Divulging some things she should have taken to her grave.

I would be remiss not to mention what appears to be the most explosive chapter in the book. She felt the need to tell the world about her adulteress, interracial affair with then Massachusetts senator Edwin Brooke. Even though it was thirty-one years ago, while he had another wife. I fail to see the importance of telling the whole Oprah Winfrey audience about it now. It's more damaging to his reputation than it is to hers. Unless there was another hidden agenda. I have a sneaky suspicion as to why she did what she did. In any event any damage she suffers will be self inflicted wounds.


Blogger Common said...

I got confirmation today. That was a shout out to the old biddies black and white. Stirring up old memories of days gone by. Remember that tryst you had with that Mulatto, no one knew about.

3:53 PM  

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