Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why Now

This is the reason I started this blog in the first place. I get the chance to write down things that will probably never be talked about anywhere else. What is a new book going to reveal about the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman trial, we don't already know? Most people have already made their mind up about whether or not O.J. Simpson is guilty. Other than give Geraldo Rivera a chance to stand on his soapbox and assassinate Simpson's character. He even conducted a pros and cons argument. Where both legal analyst only presented the cons. What could the public possibly gain by reopening this divisive chapter in history? Nothing, but what we are already experiencing.

You might be asking " what are we experiencing?" Just go to the link below and look at the comments section. The Commercial Appeal looks like the Thaddeus Matthews blog. The racist attitudes are really showing themselves. Being politically correct has gone out the window along with common courtesy. Everybody is going to their respective corners. The blacks on one side, the whites on the other.

You might be wondering what does Barack Obama have to do with this? I'm about to create a conspiracy theory here. Who has the most to lose by a racial divide coming up now? With his ability thus far to unite the races for a common cause. He doesn't need talk of O.J. Simpson to remind whites of the one that got away. It would be devastating to the Obama campaign if people started associating a vote against him as vindication for the O.J. verdict. Think about it, O.J. Simpson was the last black man except Denzel Washington with national cross over appeal. And they dropped him with the quickness. And he wasn't even running for president. Of all times to bring this up, why now?


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