Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Heart Of America Hardened

I've waited for three days thinking I might get a better picture of what happened at the NYC protest march. In response to the shooting of Sean Bell by three New York policeman. I have yet to pin it down, but so far I've heard of six separate groups. The media only say hundreds participated. Never putting an approximate number on actually how many were marching. At first the number of those arrested was said to be 170, but that depends on who you're getting your numbers from. The NYPD only report about 50 arrests, that's 120 less than the NAN is saying. There couldn't possibly be that much of a discrepancy. Somebody is embellishing if not outright lying. You can see how both of them might not be telling the truth for different reasons. Al Sharpton to hype it up, the NYPD to play it down.

In a city of over 8 million people. Even a couple of thousand protesters aren't very many. There may be that many people in one apartment building. Let alone a whole street. Al Sharpton has a history of pretending more people showed up than actually did. I guess it justifies his appearance fee. Contrary to popular belief, he does require one. Every time I hear him speak, I think about the boy who cried wolf. If the country keeps getting false alarms, eventually they'll stop answering the alarm. I don't want someone like Al Sharpton sounding the alarm. The heart of America has hardened. Can you really blame them?


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