Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Hats Off

Interim school superintendent Dr. Dan Ward scored a knockout yesterday, without ever throwing a punch. He managed to leave the local loudspeaker at a loss for words. Whether Thaddeus Matthews admits it or not. His pride and ego had to be hurt. Dr. Ward refused to go on an interview on Bill O'reilly's television show, if Thaddeus Matthews appeared on the show as well. I commend him for taking a not so popular stand. It showed conviction on his part. If you don't agree with what's going on, you shouldn't be in the midst. I appreciate Dr. Ward not reducing the incident at Mitchell High school to an indictment on the city. What we witnessed was an isolated incident, but not a unique one. The attitudes and practices of the streets have just spilled over into the schools. At any unchaperoned, unsupervised, teenage party in the city. You could have very well seen the same thing. Dr. Ward didn't blow Bill O'reilly out of the ballpark with his answers. At times he even looked shaken, but he initially he held his own.


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