Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not As Much

I was watching one of Sean Hannity's three nightly broadcasts and this came to mind. A newcomer by the name of Michelle Malkin has a best selling book on the shelves in opposition of this administration. Since we now have a black president in office. Why is every other ethnic group capitalizing on being critical of this president and his policies except other blacks? People like Malkin and Dick Mooe who once worked for Bill Clinton as a publicist, are making a kiling. When black soldiers who have been on the front line for years are being left to sell bumper stickers and broadcast their shows over the Internet. While the other Conservatives make millions.That isn't fair.

Alan Keyes name was on the ballot for president. He isn't getting a fraction of the press Sarah Palin is getting. In spite of being all the things they say Sarah Palin isn't. Why isn't he being heralded as new life in the Conservative movement? Instead he's being called part of the "birther movement" a term used to undermine their protest. Hardly becoming of a proven trooper.

It's ironic that I got the idea while watching the Sean Hannity show. He is like the Oprah Winfrey of politics these days. He can make you or break you with his tongue. It would seem since he gave Jesse Lee Peterson his stamp of approval it would give him credibility at least among Hannity followers. A talk show host could do quite well just off Hannity's leftovers. He has tried over and over to give Jesse Lee Peterson a boost without a great deal of success. He has pushed his causes and had him as guest on his show several times. He has even given his vocal and financial support to his organization. Even though Peterson is often right he has only reached the status of being considered a sell-out by other blacks and a good black by some whites.

All I know about Pastor James Manning is what I see on Youtube. In the most densely populated city in the country he doesn't have as many parishioners as you would think. But I have never heard anyone come forward and dispute anything he said. That tells me for the most part it has to be true. If it wasn't he would have been exposed long before now. He is highly credentialed and can hold his own with the best of them. Might doesn't make right but it certainly helps. Why doesn't he have a 10,000 member congregation and a flourishing television ministry like Pastor John Hagee? Instead he has a storefront church in New York city with his videos only being played on the Internet..

Next we have my friend the Black Conservative. Though not Obama's, sometimes I think he has drank some body's kool-aid. I understand where he is coming from but he needs to take another route. He is faithfully yelling fire everyday trying to wake up his people. I don't think he realizes who his fans really are. If Hillary Clinton had won and was pushing the same programs, some of these same people wouldn't be talking about her no matter what . Especially not with him.

These are just a few of the examples of the inequities in politics. An associate once told me Republicans won't get behind Conservative black males because they fold. Is this what happens when they don't? Why are they forced to be confrontational and ready for a fight? Why can't we just be allowed to discuss the issues like everyone else? Black men are just going to have to do it because it's the right thing to do. Certain things they just don't want to pay to hear a black man talk about.At least not as much.


Blogger Evelyn said...

Great post Common! I totally agree with you. I also think BC needs to take another approach, but anyway, maybe he'll read your post and have a new revelation. :D Take care!

9:35 PM  
Blogger Common said...

I don't know if he will. He seems to enjoy the attention it gets. I have had this discussion with him before.

2:44 AM  
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