Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Voice In Radio

There is more to this than meets the eye. This fills a much needed void in local talk radio for people like myself, that has arose with recent Clearchannel  layoffs. The impact of which pretty much went unnoticed until it reached WDIA. It started a couple of months ago with Andrew Clarksenior. I didn't pay attention then, but the writing was on the wall. At least he didn't show up for work one day and discover he didn't have a job. While Thaddeus Matthews is taking credit for something he had nothing to do with. He best be keeping watch of the behind the scenes workings of his former business associate George Flinn. He is the Edmund Ford for his competition. Unless of  course they're still  working together. Which would explain some things.

Me and my friend were talking and we couldn't figure it out. Unless Mark Skoda is independently wealthy or has supporters with deep pockets. How is he pulling this off? In spite of only being marginally charismatic and not having an established following. Mark Skoda is broadcasting four hours a day, five days a  week and a couple of hours on the weekend. He is even nationally syndicated. With little to no advertisers. How is this possible? This has to cost a fortune.

Mark Skoda used the Tea party to get his idea off the ground. He has since distanced himself from it's most  extreme positions. Was this politically motivated or due to fundamental differences? Based on his latest actions and rebuke of other key Tea party members. I'm not so sure he isn't just another opportunist trying to keep a job (which I have no problem with).There are only so many people you can reach openly espousing your far right views. I know he is skilled at writing a resume. I will be listening closely to see if the change is genuine.  Not just game.


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