Thursday, February 02, 2012


It's surprising how many supposedly "people of average intelligence" fall for this brand of idiocy on a daily basis. I met an engaging and beautiful young lady recently who heard this show the other day for the first time. She immediately became a fan. It's like the deer in the headlights syndrome. It has the appeal of a local reality show. You have people who listen to this blowhard and put stock in what he says even without any proof. Some will even argue the issue based solely on his limited and one sided investigations.  Some of his self serving outreaches are even perceived as doing good in the  community. This is proof positive that Charlotte Bergman doesn't have her finger on the pace of the 9th district.  Steve Cohen the white Democrat would never have granted that interview. Even though Thaddeus would probably kiss his butt.

All publicity is not good publicity no matter what some people say. Thaddeus says it doesn't matter to him, but it really does. He would really like to be considered as a credible news source. Not some racist jerk who should be ignored. To have Ben Ferguson call you an extornonist and blow your cover on live television has to be embarassing. When people won't call your name in order not to give you any undue publicity. That's pretty bad.

This is what started the firestorm:
Memphis radio host Thaddeus Matthews insulted black Republican Charlotte Bergmann on the air, telling her to "get your stupid, ignorant ass out of my studio." He also refused to shake her hand because he doesn't want her "whiteness" to rub off on him.


Blogger Common said...

People forget Thaddeus endorsed Terry Roland.

5:48 AM  
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