Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stand Your Ground

Someone asked the question. Is there something to be learned from Trayvon Martin's death? There is one or two, but I don't think they will resonate though. Just like it didn't when Deaunte Farrow was shot in West Memphis. Which much like this case had a lot of extenuating circumstances. I wish they would start posting this up to date picture of  Trayvon. Not one he took when he was in elementary school. When I see things like this happening. That indicates there are hidden issues here. In my opinion people have already gravitated to the wrong thing. I agree to a degree with Geraldo Rivera. Trayvon's style of dress played a part in his shooting. Let's just be honest here. A tall, thin, black man with his  hidden face automatically draws suspicion.

What if when they pulled his hoodie back and Trayvon had looked like "Little Wayne" instead of "Drake"? We  probably wouldn't even be having this discussion now. President Obama is weighing in on this to some extent for political reasons. We all agree that this was a tragedy, but that doesn't bring closure. George Zimmerman has not been arrested and Trayvon Martin is dead. He was alerted to the fact that this might be big and gain some votes. You also know someone told him that him and the young man looked alike. This will also be noted as him taking a stand on behalf of blacks. The women are leading the charge and the men are following suit. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are assembling the troops. I hope this doesn't turn into another Jena 6.

Any rational person has to understand Geraldo Rivera's point about hoodies. The "stand your ground" law is on the book in at least twenty-two states. The law was designed with certain people in mind. Mainly blacks and Hispanics. He could have included the white kids but they already know the score. When  they get  a job and start making money. They start investing in weapons and security. Have you seen the t.v. series "Sons of Guns" and "Doomsday Bunkers". Have you ever wondered what happened to the kid with all the tatoos and funny haircut, or the one who kept to himself.  They won't be hiding out anymore. These guys are getting rich helping others like them stand their ground.


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