Monday, January 14, 2013

Tell It All

I know the new season of LAHH is going to be popular. Mainly because the franchise is so hot right now. But I don't care for some of the main characters though. I can't help but wonder why some of  these people are just coming out now? Joe Budden is like the Doug Christie of rap. His whole personal life has been an audition on the blogs and media sites. He used  Raqi to get his name out there. Then he sided with Tahiry when she showed up in the booty shorts. I know Raqi thought she was ahead, but she never had a chance. Raqi is a good looking girl but she doesn't have that bump they like.  Not the one like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have right now, but  the one they had at first. The one that lead to them getting the one they have presently. Like the one behind Tahiry Jose right now. 

Based on what I've seen so far. I also predict a guest appearance by Somaya Reece. The show can get a two for one special. She had problems with Joe Budden and Rich Dollaz both. Who btw suddenly is a major player thanks to Olivia supposedly finally getting a record deal. With a yet unnamed company I might add. Now this ghost writer named "Consequence" who has a child by a white woman"Jen The Pen" has suddenly come on the show wanting to put Erica Mena and Olivia in the studio together Considering Olivia didn't connect with the fans before. Why are they bringing her back this season? Since she is now managing K Michelle. Is Mona Scott-Young looking to build a stable of talented R&B female singers who got played by the men they trusted?  Olivia never thought she would go from being the "First Lady Of G-Unit" to not even having a record deal. Could it be the more relevant you are in the business, the less they have to work with on the show? Jim Jones really initially got hired due to his popularity. But since Mona Scott-Young got on board the focus of the show has changed. Nothing is off limits. That's why her and Chrissy don't get along. Chrissy has too many secrets.

This season is going to be more about who is sleeping with who, rather than who is trying to build a career. Chrissy squashed that with Somaya in the second or third episode in the first season. It was going on, but unlike this one the last cast just kept it on the low. Jim Jones rap career was of minor importance on the show last season. Joe Buddens' won't be the focus here either. I haven't seen him in the studio yet. It's been about his women and addictions so far. There has already been three women in two episodes. Him or the producers are playing them all against one another. He doesn't care how it is edited. He looks like a ladies man either way. But in Jim Jones I think they were looking for a Stevie J.and got a premature Rev Run, whose woman hadn't had his child. I was surprised too. I expeccted more drama. If Chrissy had a baby or just got pregnant. That would be a brand new story line in itself. Mama Jones would be a Grandmother and she could stop trying to be slick. Chrissy would have some business of her own and she could stop hiding behind Emily. Who could run the whole thing if she had any game. That would really be reality.

The artist who gained the most attention never said one line. If VH1 could pull it off by getting Fabolos on the show, it would send the ratings through the roof. I don't know any of these featured artists beyond this show. I don't follow King Magazine or XXL so I'm not familiar with the "urban models" with major roles. Which seems to be a prerequisite for making a guest appearance on the show these days. The women dictate the pace of the show. Unless it makes them look like they're up and coming or running things. Guys like Fabulos have no reason to go on the show. They want to know his tea so bad they're even hiring folks that know him. Even his assistant "Winter" captured a role on the show. His name is mentioned every episode anyway. On the other hand, guys like Jim Jones and Juelz Santana want to keep their relationships on the low. They might end up looking like a Buster. If everyone knew their ladys' history.That's what hurt Kimbella. She revealed too much of her past,  The producers won't have that problem this time though. These men and women tell it all. 


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