Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost The Truth

I enjoy watching the Cadillac Kimberly vlogs on YouTube. I thought she might be a good source for Atlanta entertainment news behind the scenes. But her word just might not be bond as I originally thought. She seems to have an issue with everyone in Atlanta radio that has a job. After some reading and deeper investigation. I found out that she had worked at V.106 for over six years. And she didn't get along with any of her co-workers except Sophia. Who btw is a man with a female name. Probably the only one on staff who she didn't have to compete with. In Atlanta practically every station has a gay personality. So Sophia's competition was at another station.

I don't know if the same rules apply to reporting gossip as reporting the news. The first rule of reporting news is don't take sides. That's what CK has done here. Kandi Burrus is Madame Queen of the ATL right now. If she has been asked to appear on "Kandi Coated Nights" twice. Why has she refused to appear on that show? It is one of the most popular shows on the Internet these days. Everybody else in Atlanta who has any buzz has been on there. It's almost like a resume builder of sorts. It would give her credibility and expose her to a whole new fan base. She can't make a vlog without mentioning Kandi's name anyway. Why not prove you're not scared, or at least stand behind what you say?  Pick on somebody like Joseline Hernandez. She fights back.

You can't  expose others when you're trying to hide yourself. Cadillac Kimberly's biggest appeal is what she hides about herself. Yet she wants to spill the beans about everybody else. While hiding behind the Internet herself. She has no problem doing radio interviews where she has the upper hand. A private Twitter account doesn't tell you how many fans she doesn't have. Look at how many people are watching her vlogs She can claim she has a long line of people waiting to be her friend whether she does or not. She reminds me of Thaddeus Matthews with one big difference. She tells you from the start it's her opinion.  Now that's almost the truth.


Anonymous lemmecugetloose said...

I would have more respect for cadillac kimberly if she didnt pad her fame... she doesnt allow anyone who doesnt agree with her to post on her videos and if she dont like what you have to say she will block you... thats not success ..thats FAKE and she always claim to be so real... now dont get me wrong..she do have some real shit to say but some of the things she say are incorrect and i think she is afraid to be challenged..

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funky Dineva said:

That guh is a lame w/them dead tittays. So I say got in & let have Ms. Dineva! Fuck Kimberly w/them antique titties.

9:35 AM  
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