Sunday, April 21, 2013

Radical Muslim Men

We need to have a serious discussion in this country about racial profiling or just profiling period. A television reporter referred to the suspects in the Boston bombing as "dark skinned". And Al Sharpton immediately did an expose on the dangers of irresponsible use of language. That's hypocrisy at it's height. Who uses words any more irresponsibly than Al himself ? Blacks need to stay out of stuff  that doesn't apply to  them. Al Sharpton needs to take a seat. He was the mouthpiece from the "Tawanna Brawley Incident" to " The Jenna Six". As he was busy trying to create controversy. The accused reporter as it turns out was on to something. The bombers turned out to be Muslims from Russia. But still the same mentality as their brothers from the Middle East.

I never thought they were looking for a black or white suspect. I knew exactly what the reporter was talking about with the "dark skinned" comment . The pictures proved his point. When I first saw the suspects they didn't appear to be Americans to me. If they gained citizenship for all intents and purposes they would be classified as white. But when it comes to terrorism there is definitely a type. If law enforcement profiled a certain group we would reduce acts of  terrorism by 98%  at least.

Blacks aren't willing to die to prove a point. That's how they became slaves. You don't have to  worry about them being bombers. Which usually means suicide. All they are killing is each other. Just the opposite are the Native Americans. Indians are so laid back they have all but been forgotten. The government gave them a few casinos a few years back and they are satisfied. Hispanics have no reason to want to destroy this country. They are taking over anyway. Outside of selling drugs and gang activity, they pretty much stay to themselves. They don't bother you, if you don't bother them. Chuck Bates said it years ago. The only people we need to watch are radical, Muslim  men between the ages of 18 and 35.



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