Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Might As Well

After all these years I've discovered this is a twisted justice in some ways. Kim Kardashian might have had me fooled. She might not be a victim after all. It's just that Ray J is so obnoxious, it isn't hard to dislike him. I never got to the bottom of what really took place between these two. But after all that has come  out after the fact. I'm not so sure Kris Jenner wasn't in on the leaking of  the infamous sex  tape. It has been a turn-on to some,and a turn-off to others. It didn't stop Reggie Bush or Kris Humphrey. One was engaged to and the other one married her. Now with Kanye she has layed the golden egg. He is going to have to pay her a fortune.That's a pretty impressive string. Look at all the women who have been rode hard and put away wet. And don't get anything.

One thing I know I won't have to change. She will never rise above Ray J. As long as Kim Kardashian lives. People like Wendi Williams will never let it die. Kim's great-grandchildren will see this tape. Along with the whispers. It's throwing shade on a sly. Wendi had Eve on her show the other day and brought up Stevie J. People wouldn't even know who he was if it wasn't for LHHA. Eve has long since moved on and gotten engaged to a billionaire. Why bring up her tulmultuouss past anyway?  Even though Wendi is living large now. In the past she was one of those women coming up short . How would she feel answering questions about Eric Sermon or Biggie Smalls?

In  this case all publicity might be good. This is branding at it's finest. Kim has taken a leave from the cameras since she got pregnant . But this is going to put her back out there. It's not like this is a new recipe.  This has worked for her before. Believe it or not this keeps her relevant. I know Kanye wouldn't do it. He isn't that vain. But I  think they should make another sex-tape. If she can make another  $30M, why not? In any event being down for a dollar has made her and her whole family very rich. Since you went and got knocked up out  of wedlock, while you were still married. You might as well.


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