Sunday, June 09, 2013


I know it will probably never happen, but I would love to meet Robert Pera and Jason Levien. I bet Pera is a gambler on a lucky streak. Who thinks he has found a way to stack the deck. He is letting some of his brainy buddies use his name and credit rating to pull it off. He who has the gold makes the rules, or determines who does. Jason Levien is one of those guys who never got picked when teams were chose on the playground.  But he was persistent  and smart. So he  hung around and watched the other more talented players. While he gained a law degree. The league is being run by visionaries. But when you have the ball they have to let you play. That's what is going on between management and Coach Hollins.

Robert Pera is the most unconcerned majority owner I've ever seen. This guy has the personality of a can of paint. Too bad Michael Heisley didn't hang on just a while longer. He could have attracted a better buyer. One with enough money to maintain the team. These owners needed to buy a team like the New Orleans  Hornets. Who just need an owner period. They don't have a program to interrupt.  But  that  program doesn't have any equity. Hotshots like this aren't interested in that. They would have to start from scratch.  With Memphis they got a break. A small market team with a big time coach

How can you invest every thing you have in a team and never go to  the games?  I never saw Robert Pera during the playoffs. Since the new ownership took over all we ever see or hear from is Jason Levien. He is the one who really runs the team. It just doesn't seem right that someone  would put  their entire fortune in someone elses hands. The Grizzlies have one of the poorest ownership groups in the league. There are so many minority owners I lost count. When Prokhorov bought N e  w  Jersey he bought those typr investors out. The Grizzlie ownership group only got the team by the skin of their teeth. Most teams are owned by billionaires. Not people who can barely buy the team. I'm no expert but I'm not stupid. The league is supposed to protect us from things like this. This talk about analytics is just a smokescreen. These people can't afford the team.


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