Friday, July 26, 2013


The hypocrisy of these entertainers supposedly supporting Stevie Wonder will be revealed before long. Those white people that stood beside them earlier are dropping like flies.  It's no longer the topic of interest on CNN They're on to the next story in search of ratings While hundreds of other black children die with little to no fanfare. I watched Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper yesterday. Piers has gone on vacation and Anderson is talking about Prince George Alexander Louis the prince.

I'm not surprised at Stevie Wonder. He has joined the ranks of Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover. They use stuff like this to remain relevant. But Jay Z probably doesn't do a lot of shows in Florida anyway. And Kanye West will sign on to anything to try and regain some cool points with blacks. He is trying to regain his base. Now they can't confirm whether the Rolling Stones, Rhianna and Justin Timberlake are even participating. I knew Justin Timberlake  wasn't a sure bet. Beyonce was at the march, but she was never on the list. For stuff like this Rod Stewart and Madonna don't carry much weight. It's not like they have the support of Keith Urban or Lady GaGa.

Most of these other acts are basing their decision on emotion. Not many black acts can afford to avoid Atlanta, Chicago or New Orleans. None of these states are going to cave for a segment of these cities. They could do without the people that won't show. The "Essence Music Festival" is the biggest stage some of these black acts ever get. I can hear Mary Mary arguing now. This might be the start of a solo career for Erica. I know their manager  Mitch isn't in favor of this. Eddie Levert and Patti Labelle get a pass because of their age. Alicia Keys and Usher better be careful. Their bread is buttered on both sides.  Will I Am is part of a group. Fergie is the main attraction. Erykah might join the group, but her baby's daddies won't. We haven't even mentioned the land of plenty yet. Las Vegas is in Nevada. They might need to reconsider.


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