Sunday, October 06, 2013


I alluded to this just last week in the Navy yard shooting. That shooter got less press than any mass murderer in recent history. Now we have a female who rammed the White House gate.  That's two
unexplained incidents in the same area in as many weeks. These acts were the equivalent of committing suicide. They just didn't pull the trigger themselves. Something must be in the water in the Washington D.C. area. Because both of these assailants were black. In both these cases they had to know they were going to be killed in the end. Both attacks occurred at government installations with all kinds of armed security on the premises.

When the culprit is black, the first thing they do is label them as crazy.  Anyone that does something like this has to have mental issues to a degree. Whether they are part of a group or not. It's going to make the same statement. The medications didn't work or they were hearing voices  If indeed she was taking any.Why did it take two days to reveal her picture? Could it be due to her race.. The liberal talk shows and news stations probably had to rewrite their headline stories. I bet they were all prepared to blame this on someone with " Tea Party" connections. But Miriam Carey looks like a stereotypical President Obama supporter.

With the Moorish American movement on the rise.  We should take black terrorism serious. I'm nit saying Miriam Carey or Aaron Alexis were part of a insurgent group. But it's a real possibility. The contradictory profiles start with their families Neither of the mothers really knew their children, And Carey's siblings are in denial. They think her life should have been spared. But this is not a video game. When you take the police on a high speed chase. No matter how pretty your smile is, you might get shot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing more has come out on her.

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