Sunday, December 22, 2013


Why hasn't Nate Robinson secured a larger contract?  In spite of being a pretty good player. He has produced some of the most exciting playoff games in recent history, yet he remains without a permanent home. He has played on six teams in eleven years. He saved Chicago after Derrick Rose got hurt.  They didn't bring him back. Now they wish they had kept him. Rose is hurt again.  When I see people like Nick Calethias signing two year deals and they can't play. Something is very wrong here. In the future just being able to dunk won't curry you favor on the court. The league is getting back to fundamentals. So those of lighter hue can play.

I have been saying for a while now. The game of basketball is changing.  The San Antonio Spurs have 10 international players on their roster. It's a growing trend in the NBA.  Teams like the Memphis Grizzlies are doing it at the expense of winning. They're putting three players in regular rotation, that they have less than  $9 million over the next three years. One of them was a former starter on another team  He is earning $1 million a year. He is earning basically the minimum playing thirty-five minutes a game. That has to be one of the lowest salaries for even a second string center. Who obviously they intend to use because they signed him for three years.

If you look at the payrolls of all the teams in the league. There are more players making the minimum than ever before. The last players strike didn't help the players as a group. It only benefited the marquee players. If you can't drive the lane like Lebron James or shoot like Stephen Curry.You have to be able to do it all like Kevin Durant. Excluding the Chris Pauls and the Russell Westbrooks. You can make as much or more overseas. .


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