Wednesday, October 08, 2014


A breakup might be the best thing for these two at this point. A separation might be just what they need. Absence  makes the heart grow fonder. She is tired of  just  being his girlfriend, and he isn't ready to make her his wife. She wants to have some Derulo babies. But I think he has had a change of heart. All this time he has been happy in her shadow. But after the success of his last single. He has felt the other side. 
I  think Jason Derulo has been kept in check over the years. Dating Jordin Sparks has kept him under watch.. I see a premature  version of  Chris Brown. All the pop-locking and tattoos all over his body. Paints a different pictute of him. He has gotten rich  with Pop.  Why is he crossover to Hip Hop? Jordin is trying to avoid a Montel Jordan scenario. This is what she was dreading It's the ever present draw of the tour.