Sunday, December 16, 2007

Black Justice

Would this be what's meant by "Black Justice?" Some of the Mayor's supporters have expected him to cut ties with every white person he's involved with. Like I always say "play with a puppy, he'll lick you in the mouth." I think the Mayor should have laid the law down with these people as to what they should expect from him after he was elected. I don't ever think he gave the impression, or it was his implied intent . That he planned to engage in a witch hunt against primarily white people. Even though he spoke of racism during the campaign. These people are coming out of the woodwork making requests expecting favors based on their votes. The Mayor has always promised to be a representative of all the citizens.

It started with Richard Fields and his supposed involvement in the sex scandal surrounding the Mayor. I still think it was just a matter of the young mistress telling off on her sugar daddy. There were a couple of reasons why they would have kept their relationship a secret. Richard Fields was Gwen Smith's cousin's ex-husband. Not to mention he was her incarcerated boyfriend's lawyer. What Richard Fields violated was attorney/client privilege. Since the scandal was placed at the mayor's feet, he just took the ball and ran. Since him playing the race card was what caused him to win the election. You can't blame him for not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Then they wanted him to get rid of John Elkington, the Beale Street developer and manager. The BSDC say the street was already up and running when he came on board. According to them he was just hired to collect the rents. The question then becomes, why was he hired in the first place? John Elkington might be leaving, but partly by choice. He has recouped his investment and made the management fees for the last twenty years. He has other projects in other cities as we speak. He was supposedly owed millions for the longest time, but that's been paid. When you consider all the fees and expenditures outlined in the contract. There may not be as much money left as some people think.

Now they have Chief Godwin under the gun. The haters are second guessing every move he makes in the police department. They thought he was being intimidating against those that didn't support the Mayor when he disciplined those officers for not doing their jobs. I'm not saying they were wrong, but he was right. I was glad he reacted that way, it signaled a changing of the guard. The only defense the officers had is "we've been doing it all the time." That's not a reason that's an excuse. Now they are accusing him of being racist because he refuses to return a black officer to the streets with a gun. I don't think this is due to racism, but rules and regulations. I find it strange they want to blame this on the mayor. I think the latter group is being exploited by the first. They are playing the race card for different reasons, if indeed the AAPA has signed on to this latest complaint.

One thing all of these situations have in common, is the leaders of the pack in protest. In all these situations you can rest assured you're going to find a black fist in the air. Are some blacks so eager to just win something, they're not choosy what it is ? Is "Black Justice" anything we want? Where we make the rules as we go along.


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