Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Top Of His Game

Attorney Michael Scholl is a cool customer. If you notice in the hysteria of his latest win in the Edmund Ford trial. He hasn't exactly been hogging the camera. He even advised his client not to give a scheduled radio interview. I've wanted to blog about him every since the verdict, but I haven't found a picture until now. Unlike Leslie Ballin and Steve Farese. I don't think he's part of a family with a distinguished history in law. The tradition seemingly starts with him. I would venture to say he's well known by the FBI and other lawyers. He has the distinction of gaining one of the few victories against the Feds. That in itself is qute a feat. This guy is officially on the radar of those seeking a high profile attorney. His billable hours must be through the roof.

Unlike Edmund Ford and his supporters. I think Michael Scholl knows there are tougher days ahead. He can get most of the charges dropped like he did with John Ford. But as we can see, it only takes one. The FBI may have sacrificed one fish in order to get two. They already had Joe Cooper anyway. Why would they have to offer him a deal ? They didn't approach him with the idea of going after Edmund Ford. He took it to them. I think they used him to make their upcoming case stronger with Edmund Ford and Joseph Lee. By allowing Ford the chance to let Joseph Lee off the hook, and him refusing to do so. Makes it every man for himself. Joseph Lee is already paying a price. He lost his job and good name already. The only thing that is left, is him going to jail. That's what the authorities are going to use to cause dissension. We've already seen Edmund Ford won't take one for the team. Now we will get to see will Joseph Lee do the same ? For the skimming Edmund Ford is about to receive. He has a good and detail oriented lawyer. Michael Scholl is on top of his game.


Blogger Common said...

That interview was supposed to take place Monday. Today is Thursday, it hasn't happened yet.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Common said...

It's going on three weeks and that exclusive interview with Edmund Ford still hadn't taken place.

6:22 PM  

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