Saturday, November 05, 2011

Short And Expensive

After watching a couple of episodes of "Keeping up with the Kardashians." I ended up with a different outlook on the quick dissolution of the marriage. I don't think it was fake. The whole thing just happened too fast. Kim was trying to start anew with a white bread, star struck, young athlete. One who didn't know about or wasn't deterred by her relationship with Ray J or her ex-husband.  Kris didn't know she had even been married. At first he thought an angel had fallen from the sky. Reggie Bush is and was always the best fit for her.  His career and level of success compliments her lifestyle perfectly. He just refuses to put her in the front seat and ask her to be his wife. The infamous video with her and Ray J stands in the way of his and her happiness.

It's going to take a real secure, opportunist with a degree of success in his own right, to feel comfortable in Kim Kardashian's shadow. For the time being, the whole world wants to look at her and everything she does. He can't hide her away at the house.. Right now Kris Humphrey doesn't even  have a contract. She needs a husband like Ice T or Hank Baskett. Both men relish in their woman's exhibitionism. Kris Humphries couldn't carry it out beyond being a player in the NBA. Not even a proven one at that. Luckily for her he played in a slow market. I'm not so sure he has ever really had a real girlfriend. At least not like Draya or Evelyn on Basketball Wives. Kim gave him some and blew his mind. He was mesmerized by the sex. Obviously she was too, and thought that was enough. He did the honorable thing and proposed after six months. Foolishly she accepted without thinking it through. Now they have one of the shortest most expensive marriages ever. The marriage was shorter than the engagement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though Kim Kardashian made a surprise trip to Minnesota in a final attempt to save her crumbling marriage to Kris Humphries, she won't be sticking around for long. Kim's schedule has her working next week, so whether she's in Minnesota hoping to reconcile with her husband of 72 days or just ironing out the minutiae of their divorce, the pair better come to an agreement fast.

The purpose of the trip has been especially called into question as it appears to have lasted less than a day, and Kardashian has already left the state.

"When she returns from Australia we are then going to Atlanta to shoot Tyler Perry's new movie," mom Kris Jenner told me last week on the set of "New York Live." "I'm 100 percent mom and not manager at the moment and will support Kim in whatever decisions she makes."

Rumors that Kim had been dropped from the movie "Marriage Counselor" (an ironic title after her 72-day marriage) have been denied by Perry, who told TMZ, "she is scheduled to work as planned."

Let's see if Kris will be willing to travel to Atlanta in the next few weeks to continue trying to save the marriage that work demands may have helped destroy.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Common said...

The other day Wendi Williams mentioned the sex tape and I finally saw it myself. Makes you wonder if the whole thing wasn't staged for publicity. Why would Kim tape her and her semi-famous boyfriend having sex? At the time he was probably more popular than her, due to his sister Brandy. And it looks like it was before she got her famous booty.

11:13 PM  
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