Sunday, February 05, 2012

All Of That

It couldn't have happened to a better person, but in a way it's kinda sad. They finally found a way to close Thaddeus Matthew's big mouth. As long as this charlatan was going around trashing blacks and ruining their careers and families. No one could seem to shut him up. No matter what he did he was always there the next day with more of the same. He kept enough funeral parlors and eating establishments advertising to keep him on the air. The minute white people got wind of his brand of  entertainment and it offended them. They took steps to take him off the air. He has disrespected,duped and swindled black men and women, five days a week for almost two years now.

Thaddeus had no idea what he was getting into when he interviewed Ms. Bergmann. He thought this would be another Sharon Webb episode he could brag about. That interview was one which I thought should have had a backlash of  equal proportions or even greater than this. He totally disrespected that woman for no apparent reason. Instead he gained a reputation of being a hardcore and tenacious interviewer when he was really just a bully.. He was exposed this time for his true talents. Selling wolf tickets, telling lies and being rude. As it turns out he is renting everything except the microphones,the earphones and the board in the WPLX studio. After telling all his listeners to get their own business and quit working for the man.. You end up asking those working stiffs for money to help you buy the station. Needing glasses and a visit to the dentist. Being the boss ain't all of that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As stated by station owner:

"I was unaware of the horrific treatment of you until today. I have personally met with Matthews and will assure you this situation is receiving our complete attention," the statement said, adding that he "personally supported" Bergmann in 2010 and will do so again.

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Blogger Common said...

Dear Ms. Bergman,

Thank-you very much for the time you allowed for me to express my heartfelt and sincere apology for the ill treatment during the radio interview conducted recently by Mr. Matthews. He leases time on our station. I was unaware of the horrific treatment of you until today. I have personally met with Matthews and will assure you this situation is receiving our complete attention.

You were very kind to speak with me. I may assure you we will do all we can to assist your campaign. I personally supported you in the last election and am enthusiastically doing so today.

Please accept my apologies. I wish you all the best including a very successful winning campaign.

Very truly yours,
William Pollack

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has to have one of the most naive audiences in the world. Even though he is constantly trying to raise money. All his soluttions to be beard again are free. Except the $700,000 ststion nobody else knows about. Ustream is his only viable choice. If he has thousands of listeners as he claims? Why would he leave his base?

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Blogger Common said...

The local radio station formerly known as WPLX-AM, which featured controversial talk show host Thaddeus Matthews and a blues format, now operates from a studio in East Memphis at 5500 Poplar and goes by the call letters KXIQ 1180-AM, station owner William Pollack said today.

The format and call letter shift began after a lease payment disagreement between Matthews and Pollack, which resulted in Pollack turning off the transmitter that powered the station’s signal.

Attorneys for both sides are working to schedule an arbitration meeting to settle the issue, Pollack said, but while no date has been set he expects the matter to be resolved within the next few weeks.

“There was a default with our lease agreement with him over his lack of payment, which ultimately led us to seek FCC approval to change our name,” Pollack said. “I’m the licensee and as such I decided to change the station to classic country. This is our new identity.”

Matthews, who publicly disputed the amount of lease payments that Pollack said were owed, could not be reached for comment. He continues to stream his talk show and blues programming over the Internet at

In addition to its classic country music format, KXIQ-AM will broadcast the NASCAR racing schedule from the Motor Racing Network beginning on March 25. The 5,000-watt station will also stream simulcasts of its programming at

“We felt there was a definite void in the region for this type of format, which is very popular in this area,” Pollack said. “So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive and we’re excited about the future of KXIQ. Now listeners can enjoy classic country and NASCAR, either on our local station or on the Internet from anywhere in the world.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Widespread Sports, formerlyof Oxford FM Radio, would be interested in a show on your new station. Call 662 607 6884. Thank you, Tracy

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