Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Same

I hope all these undercover bigots who spend so much time trying to explain something that doesn't make sense. Make sure they buy an average of 14,500 tickets to the Grizzlie games,so those citizens who don't support this move won't be forced to finance this cluster f**k through their property taxes. This hyped up claim of ""philosophical differences" was just a smokescreen. They're glad Lionel Hollins didn't win the NBA championship. How could they explain away that?

I appreciate the program Lionel Hollins has built. But the majority owner has fired him via Jason Levien. Coach Hollins will get his due somewhere . Unfortunately it will just be somewhere else other than Memphis. It's the good fans who'll be left behind with this cost cutter team. You have to be a loser to get lottery picks  Hopefully we won't be there soon. We no longer have the luxury of a billionaire owner with an ego who wants ti win. The new owners focus is how much it costs. Let's see if the new owners reinvest the money they're saving back into getting quality players. I"ll believe their story then. My guess is they are going to try  to build up the team with last leg players. Memphis will be like the WalMart of pro basketball.

This new organization has shown to have no loyalty when it comes to certain people. Most of those people just happen to be black. They're  high on Tony Allen because he won't cost them much money.After July 1st we'll find out.  Wait and see how much he gets. He is like a playing mascot. I like Tony, but that's the truth.  His options will be limited.  No matter where he gors./He won't get a huge contract. The fact that they would even consider hiring George Karl. If they really are. Was not the initial plan. So just come clean and tell the truth. Instead of lying on the coach. I still suspect it's money, in hopes of the alternative not being the case. Robert Pera was a billionaire on paper. Before Ubiquity stock prices fell. Since then he took on a host of limited partners which includes several members from the original group. One of the initial major players "Charles Ewing " is noticeably missing. Replaced by a new group who supposedly don't have a say

If we were going to take a risk on the ownership group. Why not the Brian Davis and Christian Laettner ownership group?  Maybe they would have kept the team in tact. The major difference was supposed to be  local participation. Why didn't the local ownership group join the Davis effort\?  They could have made the same requirements of him, that they did of Pera.. The reason was Brian Davis.. Just keep it real. He was the wrong color.They don't even call it the "Brian Davis" deal. Even though it was his idea. They attribute the offer to "Christian Laetttner". The brother just couldn't be in charge. It's just like when James Brown met Don Cornelius. No matter how much things change. Some things remain the same.


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