Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Win Or Lose

Today Jason Levien did an interview on the "Eric Hasseltine Show". I don't believe a word of what he said.  I wanted to tell him that personally. But I should have known he wouldn't be  taking any callers. He had been working on that sales pitch for weeks. I guess I threw a wrench in what was supposed to be a PR move. Management has been visibly absent up until now. They knew they weren't going to rehire Coach Hollins when they bought the team. This group can't afford him. He should have been allowed  to talk to the Brooklyn Nets. But that would be embarrassing if he landed the top job in the league. It would put an exclamation point on  their foolishness. They can go ahead and hire David Joerger now. Don't waste anyone Else's time

Eric Hasseltine is supposed to be like the local sports expert. But he disagrees with my theory. But when I called in  to make my point on his show.He hung up and dismissed it as baseless.  When I brought up facts that none of the other callers mentioned. The expert had nothing to say while I was on the phone. He saved his argument for his producer who wasn't even wearing a mic. I didn't know I was talking about his boss. We know the team is guaranteed to be here for the next fifteen years. In regards to the actions of the Grizzlies front office.  Like many of the fans who are at a loss. His bias clouds his reasoning.Eric Hassletine wants to continue to be the announcer win or lose.


Anonymous Grizz Fan said...

Levien and his group have made their decision, whether its liked or not. They should now man up and own that decision rather than use you and Kyle as pawns to pile on untruths to sway public opinion in their favor. Truth is, it doesn't matter because its their right as decision makers. But you know as well as I that Hollins problem isn't with their decision (he can live that), its the lack of honesty and delay that prompted him to go on a media blitz. And philosophical differences??? Why didn't Levien say as much in their post season meeting and just cut Hollins loose then? I would venture to say, because he didn't have the basket"balls" to face Hollins. Why didn't you mention how Levien notified Hollins of his decision...real manly of him to call. Pro sports is full of big egos and tough choices, but if you're not man enough to face your subordinate or be honest then you won't be respected and you'll be eaten alive. Levien has NO chance in the NBA... His skill set is better suited for slithering in the grass, under rocks and hiding behind lies leaked to you guys as an agent.

5:18 PM  
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