Sunday, July 28, 2013


My main complaint with the new ownership is the way they do things behind the fans back. The reason the public should be kept abreast of the teams decisions is because we're sharing the risk. This team has built in provisions with the city and county to make sure they make a profit. Maybe not here in Memphis, but the Grizzlies are always going to be worth what Robert Pera and his group paid for them. We have gone from a team who belongs to a wealthy owner, to an owner being made wealthy by owning the team.

I think I have this new ownership figured out. They are trying to build a model for small market teams. When the players went out on strike this last time, they hurt themselves. They are signing shorter contracts for less money. They give you two years to prove yourself. If not by the third year and before you get the biggest  end of your contract. They don't bring you  back. Jamaal Franklin is another one of those signings. I watched his workout tape. He actually looks pretty good. He might pay-off.


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