Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Take Him Back

I think I know why Khloe is so slow about making a move on Lamar concerning his drug use. They claim this has been going on for two years. But I don't believe that because he was still playing in the NBA. He was still earning millions as a professional basketball player. I don't think when the two got married there was any indication of something like this happening.  If anything Khloe expected to at least be married to a Matt Barnes or a Kenny Smith. If not playing on some team, being an analyst on some television show. But it hasn't worked out that way.

A strange thing has happened in the interim since they exchanged vows. She now is a very wealthy woman married to a drug addict. A comment I once read put this in perspective. Khloe's nose was so wide open. Every time Lamar layed her on her back. He could see what she was thinking. She should've took note of how he treated Liza Morales. After twelve unmarried years and three out of wedlock children. In a few months he met and married  you. Khloe jumped in with no hesitation. Unlike her sister she can't just walk away. She might have to pay.

The Kardashian machine is working hard behind the scenes to clear Khloe's slate. Right now she is a mess. Notice how quiet the whole Kardashian family has been. The only one saying anything is Khloe and she isn't really talking. But you see a story about Lamar everyday. If they're waiting for him to hit rock bottom. They might be waiting for a while. Lamar is getting high and having sex with lawyers and strippers. Staying in a luxury hotel riding around in a Range Rover. He is having a ball, The break-up is harder on her.than him. If he acted half way right. She would take him back.


Blogger Common said...

They were seen riding around together after the Bruce/Kriss news. I bet she was warning him.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Khloe Says She'll Take Lamar Back But He Has To Submit To Her Random Drug Tests...Lamar Says Their Relationship Is Wonderful And Unbreakable

5:26 PM  
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