Friday, December 27, 2013

A Fake

After watching this past season of  RHOA. I  think I have a clearer picture of the marriage between Kordell and Porsha Stewart. For startes I don't think that Kordell Stewart is gay. I believe at one point he was bi-curious. He probably went to the park and got a blow-job. The problem is he got caught in a sting.  But I think Porsha really thought he was though. Not after they got married, but all the time. The fact that he was  rich. She married him anyway. She was prepared to put up a front. But that's not why he married her. He really wanted a wife.

Kordell doesn't strike me as a ladies man. That's how he got tagged as being gay in the first place. No man has come out of the closet and blew the whistle or produced a picture  But no  women have come to his defense  either. Porsha isn't as dumb as you think. She was game enough to dance in a rappers video. This role of being this ditsy, sheltered, unsuspecting girl is just an act. Kordell spilled the beans on her and this historical family she claims  Who turns out  to be her mother and her brother and his bad kids Who ended up practically moving in his house. All she was doing before she.married Kordell was run a non-profit in her deceased grandfather's name.

After hearing Kordell's side of the story   I believe the majority of what he said. .Many of my suspicions were confirmed once I heard him talk. When she had the miscarriage. That was his break. If she had a baby. It would have been all over. Even after the divorce. She is spending out of control . Kordell was gone a lot but not missing. He was paying close attention. He knew it was time to do what I blogged about earlier. Her advisers coached her wrong this time. His nose wasn't open like everyone thought. They underestimated him. He wanted a cheaper trophy. And he wasn't taking an imitation. She is a fake.


Blogger Common said...

Now we sea that Porsha has a tattoo and a piercing in her private area.

11:28 PM  
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