Monday, December 17, 2007

Sharpton Is Suspect

I hate that Rev. Al Sharpton has been named the voice of black America by the news media. The danger in that is, as soon as he does something unethical they judge all black America by that as well. Al Sharpton doesn't speak for me in most cases if ever. A lot of others share my feelings, but we're not on the evening news like him. Why should I as a black person have to defend his actions when he gets caught? Last week several of his associates and employees were supenoed, but they didn't bother him. They have twenty audio tapes and even a video to bolster the case. In the largest corruption scandal in Philadelphia history. Al Sharpton was accused of brokering city contracts, in exchange for contributions to his 2004 presidential campaign or civic organization (NAN). All of the other people involved are already in jail doing time. How do you think he got away, if indeed he did? I don't think he has, it was just a temporary stay. I think what they did is just take their time to build a better case against him.


Blogger Blinders Off said...

Follow the money…It was just a matter of time when they would come after Al.

MSM declared him our voice, when in reality there are many voices. I always wondered and I am still curious as to why they selected Al as the one voice.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Common said...

I think they do so because it's convenient. Blacks are so eager to get what they perceive as a victory, the masses fall for anything. It's cheaper to buy somebody like Al Sharpton off, than to really make a difference. Just like they count the Jenna 6 outcome as a win.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Blinders Off said...

The Jena 6 movement began without Al, once the MSM lights and cameras focused in on what was happening in Jena (which also happens in other cities)...the masses thought Al's organization orchestrated the march in Jena and they did not. Black radio shows and blogs were the main force behind exposing the two-tier justice system and organizing the march in Jena. Jena's was mainly about focusing on the two-tier justice system in America.

I believe it was a win (Not because of Al), but because it brought to light the two- tier justice system in America.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Al Sharpton coming down to go to Little Rock?

7:07 PM  
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