Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ego Trippin

Usually I agree with Mayor Herenton, but not on this one. I think what we are witnessing here is a pi#*#ng contest or the Alpha male marking his territory. He hasn't had to share the distinction of being the most influential voice in Memphis with another man. Even though the job pays more money than being the Mayor. He enjoyed a certain sense of security and superiority, with that job being held by a woman. I don't agree with his assessment of the remaining candidates for the soon vacant school superintendent slot. Both of these men are more than qualified to fill the position. I think the mayor has a strong inkling as to who will be picked between the two. I do agree with Mayor Herenton that they should select from in house. I'm sure we have someone both capable and willing, already within the system. When they go elsewhere they do tend to end up with resume builders. People who have no connection to the community, and pick up and abruptly leave after creating chaos in the system.

I've heard there is a silver lining in every cloud. Let's look at what it might be in this one. Though at first the Mayor was against the city council not voting to give the county $93 million. In an attempt to balance the city budget. The Mayor has now hesitantly supported a move to drop city funding to the schools. Even though he earlier suggested it himself. When someone else suggested the same thing. He didn't like how it sounded. The end result will be to his liking though. In effect forcing city and county school consolidation. This issue of the candidates not being qualified, is simply a distraction by the Mayor. Whatever he's for, some people are against. I know the Mayor is aware of this, and plays it to his benefit. I think they call it "Ego Trippin."


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