Thursday, June 05, 2008

Trained Instead Of Taught

I was discussing some of the latest news with someone who I know is very smart and educated. They use proper English, and hold a very good job. They graduated with honors and attend church regularly. Yet their level of understanding of basic issues is to say the least, frightening. In a society of adults who think like children. It's not uncommon to see full grown , functioning adults, make a decision my 11 yr. old son wouldn't make. Just because someone is over eighteen yrs. old, doesn't make them mentally grown. Some of them don't have sense enough to pour water out of a boot. They may have the sheepskin on the wall, but nothing between their ears. This seems to be rampant in the black community.

I think as a nation we are abandoning the concept of critical thinking. Education is to teach you how to be a better employee. The main objective in a capitalistic society is to make more money. So everyday people won't take notice, as long as marketable skills are being taught. They'll just do whatever is required to keep getting raises. Everything is centered around duplication and repetition. You have people that are good at doing just what they're told. But if required to think on their own. That puts them in a vicarious position. I know God doesn't make mistakes, but it would be nice in some cases to still have Judges and prophets. Like they did in the old testament. The last thing people want to hear these days is the word of God.

I heard someone today talking about college professors with tenure. Just so happens, most of these people are liberal in their thinking. Our nations colleges are bastions of liberalism. I understand why the teachers think that way. Without it, half of the college professors wouldn't have a job. Someone posed the question whether or not values still mattered. We are reminded on a daily basis, that in many areas of our community they don't. What will be the final result of a generation that are trained instead of taught.


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