Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Verdict Is In

I went to this blog (Anti-Thaddeus)and found it to be quite entertaining. I found the blog administrator and most of the posters to be a breath of fresh air. Being that most of them seem to actually read more than a blog for their news. The blog itself was a result of comment moderation being enabled on Thaddeus Matthews's website. He had to find a way to keep from being flooded with questions he couldn't answer. I guess some other posters with common sense had finally made it to his blog. He was getting more negative feedback than he was positive. Due to his immature behavior, and defensive attitude. It became more and more obvious that he wasn't ready for a mainstream audience.

I was probably the first poster whose comments he outright deleted. He claimed I was trying to promote my own blog. Which of course wasn't the truth. If I was, it wasn't working. Very few people who believe in his brand of justice or go along with his theories, want to talk to me. They start out on fire, but that flame quickly burns out. They classify questions and facts as boring. They come to most of their conclusions minus dealing with those little technicalities. It had more to do with him not being able to defend his positions than anything else. Since during that time most of his readers weren't concerned with facts. It was more like an anti-everything rally. Comments like mine weren't appreciated very much. It was like a rotten tree falling in the woods. For any unsuspecting victim, it's better that it's down. But unless they just happen to be close by. Nobody will hear it fall. Since these people are local residents. It's hard to believe none of these people were reading all the time. If they were, they weren't saying anything. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. They were reading all the time. They just benefited from his actions at that time.

I know no one has the time to dispute every blog Thaddeus posts. They would have to devote as much time to their blog as he does to his. But since they did initiate the blog, and they seem to have people listening. Don't half do the job. I wondered why they didn't address certain subjects that he was involved with. They just seemed to be primarily concerned with character issues. That is such a waste. When his character isn't up for debate. It's already been decided by all but those who follow him, that he is a crook and can't be trusted. It is apparent that they don't consider him to be a credible person except in certain instances. Guess what they are? The alledged connection between Thaddeus and the Mayor was created by Thaddeus himself. The minute the Mayor didn't sign on to his questionable causes, he had a problem with him. He didn't change his positions, Thaddeus did. When he talks against Mayor Herenton these same people give him a pass. I bet these people have been with him since the attempt at a recall. I talked about them then. That would explain the vengeance. They were once a victim themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are two anti sites. Here is the other:

How can a man who has had five wives can call himself a Reverend?

You'd think after he made a fool out of Memphians with the recall, they'd leave well enough alone. Especially when last summer he was a regular with the Mayor in his crew at the Whitehaven Piccadilly.

I want to know the power broker he keeps getting the houses from. He's the first one to list someone else's address on the internet, but he never has a home listed in his name.

11:53 PM  
Blogger Kelvin Oliver said...

I think every has their own opinion. I believe that people will always lash out their thoughts and contradict someone before they get a fulld undertstanding of their way of thinking and approach on certain situations. I have learned that through my English course this past spring semester.

In this case, I'm not on either say to see if I could agree with you or others on this particular situation. I am just speaking in a general way. I've the few times you talked about Thaddeus Matthews. I even checked out his blog and it is impressive. In one way or another, there should be some reason why he is not liked by the community and among other bloggers. Is it the issues, appears to be negative, that he post on his blog? Is it the reality of him being right? Is it that he is doing something just talk trash? With all this said, I am not choosing sides. In other words, I'm not on anyone's side. I'm just a college student looking outside the window viewing the mix culture of Memphis.

At some point, we all should come together and solve issues that we have they are surfacing from the muddy Mississippi River and filter those out and make the water cleaner. I believe the only way this can be done is to come up with methods and some type of compromises that will prevent anything from happening.

1:34 AM  
Blogger Common said...

Anonymous 11:53,

Thanks for the link.

Anybody can call themselves a reverend, and that is what's happening.

He didn't necessarily make a fool of recall supporters, they were tricked from the start. The recall was a bust from it's inception. The Mayor can't control who eats at Picadilly.

I heard the powerbroker was section 8.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Common said...


I wouldn't even mention him if it weren't for others asking me what I think about something he said. Therefore I have no choice but to address him.

I am disturbed that he garners so much attention. Considering the accuracy and content of his posts. You would think he wouldn't get so many hits. He is not liked by some people and other bloggers because of his methods. He seems to relish his ability to be crude and offensive.Some of us are not new to his ways, and have already made up our minds about him. Not because there's even the remote possibility of him being right. If by chance he is, it's for the wrong reasons. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Some people aren't concerned with making things better, only being at the forefront of whatever is happening now. Even if it means making up their own news.

7:15 PM  

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