Monday, February 06, 2012

I Agree

The next president is going to be the recipient of a rebounding and vigorous economy. Newt Gingrich is fully aware of that. Jobs are being created and the housing market is coming back. Mitt Romney wants to waltz in with his business experience and claim he turned things around. The truth is 75% of the previous administrations policies are still in place. The other 25% that has been changed hasn't taken effect yet.

I didn't support the president last time he ran. I opposed him mostly on moral grounds. For those things I thought most important, Republicans didn't even fight. It goes without saying I feel a little betrayed. Even the things that he has proposed that were good for the people have been voted down. They still managed to keep all the pork. Clint Eastwood said it best in a commercial."This is halftime." The president says he deserves a second term. All things considered, I agree.


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