Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Statistic

I'm beginning  to get  to the bottom of what's behind the Wendi Williams mystique. I was starting to get a different opinion about her. Then I stopped to consider the source. Bobby Ojay hates on anybody doing better than him.  The reason he gave didn't make sense. How could he blame her for looking down on Memphis, when he does it all the time? At least she doesn't live here. If they ever worked together in the past. I'm sure Wendi doesn't have fond memories of  Bobby Ojay and how he treated her. . I bet she was about 30-40lbs. heavier, breasts were much smaller, she had big hair and wore a size 11 shoe.   I know he  wasn't very nice to her. That's the way he acts. She  was probably treated like a Denise Dean  But look at her now.

Wendi wasn't a Kim Osario or even an Angela Yee. She was like a Jersey Shore meets New York.  She puts you in  the mind of a black Joan Rivers. She relied on her funny where the face and body fail. But she worked  her way through the New York gossip game.  This  woman has kissed a lot of frogs in her day. From Eric Sermon to B.I.G. namely. Those are two of the guys she has a history with. Looking at her husband and the others I've mentioned. She seems to have a type. She was supposed to be in Salt--N-Pepa.  But  she  was beat out by a sexier Spin- Derella. Who was the finest one in the group. She has been  short changed her  whole career. But look at her now.

I'm not surprised Wendi would  advise women to stand by their man. She knows how men act when they have power and who they pick. Most men don't appreciate a woman like  her until they get older. She knows the odds aren't the same for her as they are for a Nicole Murphy. Nicole got a divorce from Eddie Murphy after 5 kids and 13 yrs. and still pulled a baller. Michael Strahan could arguably have his pick. If not prettier, definitely younger and with less children. She loss  $7M and still landed on her feet.  Wendy Williams Says when her husband Kevin cheated on her 12 years ago She didn't leave and she's glad she didn't. Because it made her marriage stronger. That's around the time her son  was born.  What's really out there for a  woman with another mans' baby. .She didn't want to just be another statistic.


Blogger Common said...

Wendi makes it a point to break down everybody that comes on her shoy. Last week it was Eve.

Yesterday it was Kelly Rowland. kelly peobably left there feeling like. "Why did I come here"? Wendy told all her business.

1:34 PM  
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