Friday, June 06, 2008

The Dismemberment Has Begun

I didn't see her, but I heard Michelle Obama appeared on the talk show " The View " yesterday. I also heard Cindy McCain has been a guest on the show before , which I hadn't heard about either. But I don't want to leave her out, for the sake of not appearing biased. Until then, most people watching the show that day. Didn't really even know who Cindy McCain was. Her husband has been a public figure for thirty years. Yet she hasn't played a pivotal role other than being his wife and a wealthy heiress. We can't say the same for Michelle Obama though. In the short time her husband has held elected office, she has become a political figure in her own right. She almost single handled derailed his campaign with her derisive comments.

On their separate appearances on the show. I wonder if they were both asked the same questions? The wives aren't running for the most powerful job in America. Their husbands are though. It's them that we should be most concerned with right now. What the First Lady will be using to color her hair, is not indicative of national security. Whether she wears butt padding in her dress or not, won't secure the borders. Let's not turn this campaign into a makeover and psychiatric profile of the prospective President's women. They didn't nominate Hillary Clinton, so they don't get the perspective of a female being in the oval office. In the event that Barack Obama is elected. Let's not substitute the roles to have access to places we never had before. Like the first family's bathroom cabinet. That's more information than the public needs.

Cindy McCain was on television too, so I'm not leaving her out. But in all honesty, the effects and what's expected of the two are different. What First Lady do you know intimate details about other than Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis? The biggest reason being, her husband was assassinated while in office. Some of the black media personalities are already acting like they got a "Sistah-girl" in the White house. Shouts out to a strong black woman looking out for her "boo." As if a dedicated wife isn't supposed to do that anyway. I see steps being taken to trivialize the dignity of the office. I knew this would happen if Barack Obama received the nomination. The dismemberment has begun.


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