Friday, June 06, 2008

Good Show

I was critical of Martavious Jones for appearing on the Thaddeus Matthews show at first, but he represented himself well. Thaddeus tries to intimidate people with his bluffing, and disrespectful banter. But commissioner Jones held his own. I expected another Willie Brooks type encounter. I think Thaddeus did too. Mr. Jones handled him just right. He was cool and got his point across in spite of the atmosphere. But don't start hanging out down there. It only gives him credibility. When like you said " he's full of hot air."I knew much useful information wasn't going to go forth. Due to the mindset of his listeners. The majority of them were only looking for a chance to vent. The majority of the calls and questions revolved around the issue of busing,

I like the way Mr. Jones emphasized the need to only be concerned with facts. He didn't let the conversation get swept away in lies and rhetoric. The interviewer and his listeners want to reduce an entire school system to isolated incidents. It would be ludicrous to attempt to seriously debate the plethora of issues without having the numbers in front of you . As a board member, of course he isn't going to be in favor of cutting the budget. That doesn't mean he doesn't recognize areas where improvements can be made. He had just enough South Memphis in him, to deal with the North Memphis in the host. Though he was accused of double talking and political B.S. when he didn't bend. The host and callers just didn't comprehend what he said. When we got the chance to hear him talk. I understood everything he said. All in all, it was a good show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One year later nothing has changed. Jones penchant for facts is wasted.Nothing is accomplished by going on this show.

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