Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Republican That Isn't Rich

Memphis talk radio yesterday suffered a devastating blow. We no longer have a radio show dedicated to local news. At least not a credible one. The "Andrew Clarksenior Show" went the way of Herman Cain's campaign. They are both a thing of the past, no longer a voice to be reckoned with. All of those listeners calling in petitioning for his return to five days a week, obviously didn't make a difference. The station managers still let him go indirectly. By not making it worth his while to stay. Taxes probably took over half of his pay. It's not worth it for retirees to work.  He didn't generate the advertising dollars the station wanted. Which took away his bargaining power.

I hate being right about some things, and this is one. I said to my wife when he was talking about the MCS/SCS merger it was just a matter of time until he was off the air. He abandoned his base listeners to gain the favor of Mike Flemming's audience. He went from being an Independent Conservative to sounding like  a full fledged Republican. Ultimately he didn't win them over. They  followed Ben Ferguson where ever he went. His mainstay was always the weekend crowd. I think the station used him. He pulled a fast one by not showing up on the last day. I think it was part embarrassment and the other part not wanting to answer any questions. In the final days of what could be an unresolved budget  No one takes seriously a Republican that isn't rich.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Always The Game

I have an opinion on this story, but I don't want to be part of the public lynching Russell Heaston and his family and friends are going through right now. So I'll just say it here on my blog. Superintendent Cash was put in a compromising position on this one. He had to do something to separate this from the MCS. There are two or three hundred instigators out there who won't let this rest. Having this man removed serves as a moral victory of sorts for them. This is their equivalent of their animal shelter fight. The animal lovers go after a $11M operation. This group causes a hardworking bi-curios possibly bi-sexual man to loose his $100,000 yr. career.

Even though this was clearly a ill conceived setup by the. young man. As much or more was revealed about the accuser as the accused in this video. It won't stand up in any court, except the most damning one. The court of public opinion. All I know now is that Russell Heaston is curious. Unfortunately for him his indiscretion was caught on tape. I don't know how homosexuals operate, but I'm sure they move faster than this. During the whole tape Russell Heaston didn't even take his suit coat off. I would think in thirty minutes a seasoned pervert would have been inside the young man, or had the young man inside of him. If this is as far as he has gone in six years. When were they going to actually have sex?

Looking at the tape, an argument could be made that the young man was the aggressor. I'm not condoning Mr. Heastons actions. I'm just pointing  out they weren't in his capacity as a school principal. In fact he said " I don't mess with children." If he didn't bother one of his students or a minor. I don't care who he has sex with.  I'm a little skeptical of these teenage boys claiming they were mislead by older men. I don't think you can trick fifteen yr. old young men out of their manhood. They have a preference by then. This looks like a hunter being captured by his game. I have suspicions in this case the hunter unknowingly was always the game.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Deal

Anders Behring Breivik already has one of the most recognized faces in America. Not to mention the rest of the world. The numbers easily overshadow the two recruiters who were shot in Arkansas. Since 2007 all the articles posted in the CA wouldn't cover a whole page. They are already doing shows on CNN, and reading Bresik's manifesto. Trying to analyze his criminal mind. He is prepared to spend the rest of his life in jail. You can bet he won't be doing hard time in a state penitentiary. If anything he'll be the subject of a movie of the week and signing a book deal.

Wait On His Seven Virgins

I hope all the young black wannabe radicals seeking martyrdom are watching this story. Which might be hard considering it didn't really even make national news. Young black men in New York City won't be talking about this today. It won't be a topic on "106 and Park" either. I'm sure this is not what the "Recruiter Shooter" Abdulhakim Muhammad envisioned. This shows just how much his efforts are appreciated. In spite of this miscreant sacrificing his life, none of the extremist Muslim organizations have come to his defense. He is not even afforded the status of being a terrorist. He'll spend the rest of his life at the Cummins State Penitentiary doing hard time. Not at some cushy federal facility working out, watching cable and praying seven times a day. Unlike true believers he wasn't ready to die yet. I guess he decided to wait on his seven virgins.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Butch Lewis (1946-2011)

Amy Winehouse (1983-2011)

What a waste of talent. She was given the oppurtunity to lead a charmed life and she gave it all up for drugs. What a shame.

Weight Around

This has to be a first. Since when does the president not get his phone calls returned? President OBama and Mayor A.C. Wharton are too laid back. It's time out for being humble. They are the leaders of the pack. The hired help are treating them like the driver. What we have here is a serious disregard for the chain of command. They need to stop being timid and start throwing their weight around.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full Figured And Thick

These two women are basically the same size, but they fall into two different categories. Both are beautiful women in their own right. But Toccara in essence proved my point with comments she made about VJ "Free" during a taping of the "Soul Train" music awards. She made no secret of her envy of  Free's ample posterior. Even though Toccara has loss twenty-five pounds that Free seems to have found.. She took a backseat to a bigger rear end. She knows with her looks and personality and a butt like that. She would be the hottest thing since Marilyn Monroe.

No matter how big a woman shaped like Serena Williams gets, she still thinks she's fine. She wouldn't have a problem finding men or other women to agree with her either. Just read the comments in this link. Though she might not win any beauty contest. That's not what sets her apart.  It's about being shaped like an apple or a pear. Serena is  definitely a  pear. The shape of preference is "small at the top, and big at the bottom". A smaller waist and a bigger butt. Proportionate breast are like icing on a cake, but not totally necessary. That's what men and women want. Especially in the black community. It's the difference in being full figured and thick.

Multi-Million Dollar Cage

How soon some people forget. This picture was front page news less than two months ago. Then people were accusing Janis Fullilove of fishing for brownie points. But here we are again raking the Memphis Animal Shelter over the coals, about someone not doing their job. The truth of the matter is 75% of the animals at the shelter are euthanized anyway. Let's not start a crusade over one. Do you know how many and how long $8000 would feed? If those citizens making all this fuss were that concerned about the dogs. This wouldn't be an ongoing issue. Do like the mayor said and adopt a pet and get them spayed and neutered. These dogs would prefer a lifetime in someones fenced in backyard, to 72 hours in a multi-million dollar cage.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Herman Cain's campaign is imploding from within just like I predicted. He is a victim of that glass ceiling that all black men eventually face. America stepped out of it's skin to elect President Obama in spite of itself. Lightning isn't likely to strike twice in the same place. Herman Cain is playing the race card, but in his case it's only a Jack. I knew his popularity would wane in the fundraising stages. Mitt Romney has already raised $20M to Cain's $3M. The Republican base doesn't care about the president's color. They just want to attract at least 5 million of his votes. Claiming he isn't a real black man, brings to mind Jesse Jackson and people like him. It didn't work then and it won't work now. Only blacks elected him because of his race. Even if by chance it did catch on, it wouldn't give Cain much traction. Look at Michael Steele and Andrew Clarksenior for example. In my opinion, if Andrew and Michael Steele were white. Michael would still be president of the RNC and Andrew would be on 5 days a week and probably syndicated.